EmergeTag™ - the 21st century medical ID "bracelet"

EmergeTag™ is a small computer device that is designed to hold and organize all of your personal medical records in one place. It is easy to use and update and small enough to fit on a key ring. The software is designed to work with nearly all computers both in the U.S. and abroad. It will keep your records safe with both a password of your choice, and its encryption process. If you are regularly in high risk areas or work around water, we suggest that you consider the EmergeTag Pro.  It is totally waterproof, floats and will protect your data to a much greater degree. EmergeTag Pro

For years people have had a major problem to deal with, MEDICAL INFORMATION. The requirements for keeping it organized, up to date, and complete can be very difficult. People have tried many ways to overcome this problem, among them, small cards and bits of paper in their wallet or purse. There is also medical jewelry to alert first responders to important medical needs, but that is very limited and doesn't work well out of the United States. Then, there is the big "binder" with all of those different size pieces of paper from the Doctor and the lab and all of the stuff you get from the pharmacy.
Now, all of these problems and many others can be solved and stored in the palm of your hand with an EmergeTag™.



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